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Grand Theft Auto Vice City or GTA VC is one of the popular GTA franchise from Rockstar Games that takes setting in Miami around 1980. In this Lite version, you may download the game data only under 100mb! And after extracted its only around 350mb. There is already Cleo Script No Root for you to make the game easier and use the cheats.

The story of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City sends you back in time as Tommy Vercetti. Originally from Liberty City, he was sent to Vice City after his release from prison. While in Vice City, he was given the task of completing deals for other mafia families. The deal falls apart when Tommy is ambushed and has to find out who is behind the attack to take money and goods.

The main plot of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City requires you to follow Tommy's story, but various side missions add a smaller plot plot to the story. Throughout the game, you'll pick up different missions that require different skills, but end up ending up with someone's death.
-High Compressed
Link Download:
APK: CLICK HERE! Size: 6.8mb
DATA (GPU Mali)CLICK HERE! Size: 66mb
DATA (GPU Powervr): CLICK HERE! Size: 84mb
DATA (GPU Adreno): CLICK HERE! Size: 104mb
AUDIO Files: CLICK HERE! Size: 279mb

Download the data (depend on what your GPU is) and extract, move the folder "com.rockstargames.gtavc" to "/Storage/Android/Data/here..."

See you next time and stay tuned!

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